100 Unit/ 90-Day Validity Recharge Voucher


100 unit/ 90 Day Valididty IsatPhone recharge voucher for pre-paid services (Must be redeemed 1 Year from date-of-purchase)

Prepaid Burn Rates
Source Destination Units Per Min
GSPS Voice      BGAN/FBB/SBB/GSPS       1.30
GSPS Voice Cellular 1.30
GSPS Voice PSTN 1.30
GSPS Voice Globalstar Voice 8.00
GSPS Voice Inmarsat Aero 4.90
GSPS Voice Inmarsat B (voice) 3.40
GSPS Voice Inmarsat M (voice) 2.90
GSPS Voice Inmarsat Mini-M/GAN/Fleet/Swift (voice) 2.50
GSPS Voice Iridium voice 11.00
GSPS Voice Other MSS Systems 6.90
GSPS Voice Thuraya 5.00

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