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Dear Valued Customer,

Most of you should now have received an email or personal call from Network Innovations informing you that Inmarsat Australia (formerly TC Communications - Please see Inmarsat Notice below) has commenced the process of transferring its Australian Non-Government customer accounts to its distribution partner Network Innovations (Network Innovations AsiaPac P/L). 

The actual transfer has been scheduled for Monday 18 July through to about midnight on Wednesday 20 July 2016.  During this time, Network Innovations is working hard to ensure all customer accounts are transferred seamlessly - for this to happen from Friday 15 July at 5pm (Sydney Time) we have temporarily "Switched Off" the online pre-paid voucher store.  Do not Worry!  You are still able to purchase recharge vouchers - simply call the Network Innovations office on 1300 140 150 between business hours and we will happily process your order!

Please note - that due to the account transfer occurring in batches, you may experience waits of approximately 2 business days to get your voucher emailed to you.  Rest assured, that these delays will only be experienced during this transfer, Network Innovations prides itself on voucher turn-around times usually being "same business day"!

Should you have any questions or concerns about the transfer or pre-paid voucher purchases, please call us on 1300 140 150 or email

Thank you for your understanding,

Network Innovations


Dear Inmarsat Customer,

Some of our customers may be aware that in 2013 TC Communications was acquired by Inmarsat P/L. After the acquisition, TC Communications was re-branded as Inmarsat Australia P/L which now operates under the Inmarsat Global Government (G2) business unit.

As such, Inmarsat Australia has commenced the process of transferring its Australian non-government customer accounts to its distribution partner Network Innovations (Network Innovations AsiaPac P/L – ABN: 94 605 345 140).

Please note – you will remain connected to the high-quality Inmarsat satellite network you confidently use and trust today, the only change is that for non-government customers Network Innovations will manage the existing accounts and any new account or sales inquiries once the transfer is complete. As an Inmarsat distribution partner, Network Innovations is well positioned to provide you with personalised and direct interaction moving forward.

Network Innovations is making every effort to contact each customer personally to answer any questions they may have about the transfer. If, however, you have not received a call yet, please do not hesitate to make contact with them by:

Telephone:   1300 140 150, or

(Please be sure to have your satellite-phone number handy as this helps Network Innovations locate your account details quickly during the call).

Thank you for your support,
Inmarsat Australia Pty Ltd.

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